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Flaunt flawless skin using Environ and the ADVANCED nutrition programme

Following training at the International Institute for Anti­ Ageing (IIAA), skincare therapist Allison Drayton at Beauty Aspects now provides the full range of Environ’s ADVANCED Professional Skincare products and the ADVANCED nutrition programme; a premium range of vitamin supplements to maintain skin health, target skin concerns and to enhance your overall wellbeing.

This addition to the salon’s products, alongside Agera, Epionce and Monu, enables Allison to tailor treatments to suit every individual, skin type and budget.

Created by one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, Environ’s aim is to provide long­term health benefits for the skin rather than a quick, temporary fix, giving clients 100% satisfaction with their skin.

One of the most popular treatments for weddings and other special occasions is Environ’s Hydraboost Facial, an Intensive treatment that deeply hydrates while plumping and firming the skin.  Skin Accumax, from the ADVANCED Nutrition Programme has achieved amazing results for anyone with problematic skin: ideal for teenagers and adults with persistent hormonal breakouts.

Before                              After

002_ accumax_before_after

Duration: 6 months     Dosage taken: 4 capsules per day

“Skin AccumaxTM has made a huge difference to my complexion. People have        really started to notice and I’m so happy. It has real ly boosted myself esteem and  I can’t thank you enough.”


Not everyone can afford to have regular facial treatments, and Allison’s philosophy is that even one treatment can improve your sense of well­ being. When you visit Allison for a skincare consultation you’ll receive top quality advice and treatment at  her private beauty clinic .

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