Probiotics | The Secret Skincare Weapon

What do they do?

The positive effects of probiotics on digestion are well known but when it comes to skin, they’re much less talked about. However that’s all about to change. Recently (over the last 20 years or so) scientists have been studying the connection between a healthy gut and healthy skin.

What’s been discovered is that probiotics exhibit powerful anti-aging properties as well as as well as being able to decrease inflammation and protect against free-radical damage (caused by sun).

How does it work?

When your gut is working properly, it’s able to fully absorb nutrients and will provide your skin with the vitamins it needs to keep it healthy. When the gut is dysfunctioning for whatever reason, it won’t be able to do that, no matter how much fruit, veg and oily fish you’re eating. So it’s crucial you keep your gut happy if you want to have gorgeous, glowing skin.

Who should be taking Probiotics?

Essentially probiotics are a great all rounder, so they are something that will benefit anyone looking to optimise their skin health.

There’s also a growing body of research that suggests probiotics are beneficial for problem skin. Studies have shown how conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea have all improved as a result of introducing friendly bacteria to the gut through supplementing the diet. So I would certainly recommend probiotics as part of a wider treatment plan for anyone looking to address those types of skin concerns.

How can I start?

You can try to eat more food that contains good bacteria like certain fermented cheeses and yoghurts. Some people find it more convenient to have a probiotic drink or take supplements.

I recommend Skin Youth Biome by Advanced Nutrition Programme.