Did you know Vitamin A is destroyed by the sun?

Experts have been banging the Vitamin A drum for years now – I certainly have!

If you’ve managed to miss the memo, Vitamin A helps to increase collagen production and stimulate new skin cells as well as being able to help heal damaged ones – making it a key ingredient for those seeking to improve skin health.

Many of my clients take supplements and use products that include vitamin A which is great. However as the summer sun reaches its peak over the next few weeks, if you want to retain that precious Vitamin A goodness, you must wear sunscreen and try and limit your sun exposure if you can. Both Vitamin A and Vitamin D are destroyed by sunlight. And Vitamin A destruction is the key event that occurs when skin is damage which eventually leads to aged skin.

I know it can be tempting to sunbathe during the summer in an attempt to get a tan but when it comes to your skin health, it really is the worst thing you can do.

If you want to keep your Vitamin A levels topped up, I stock a variety of Vitamin A products in my clinic which will soon be availble to view online too. Don’t forget to ask me about the new Heliocare SPF range which I’ve recently added to my stock.